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Website Maintenance

What is the need to maintain a website?


I am looking for a company who will help me to maintain my website.The site is launched some years back and its not updates since atleast 6 months or so. Can you help me to fix some navigation and content issues?
We get such queries every now and then, and honestly speaking website owners who
think that there job is done once the site is live, are missing one important opportunity , "Serving the Clients" in a better way.
Where it is a school site or a hotel or an organization, however small or big it is , every site needs maintenence.
Besides keeping the data up-to-date, quality content site which gets updated frequently is more SEO friendly.

Creating a website is easy, we do create website in less than 24 hours including hosting (Yes we do!), but what about managing a website?

Well, the answer to this question is, creating a site is one time job while maintaining a site requires consistent dedication and efforts.
Most of the website on the web are hardly maintained and thus they lack behind when it comes to top search engine ranking and fail to satify the visitor's need of latest knowledge / info.


Is there any benefit of updating the website frequently? or Why to maintain a website?

The myth among companies/webmaster's is the older the page, the higher it will be considered as a trusted resource, this is not true.
There are certainly large benefits of keeping your site updated and maintained, not only its giving fresh content to the search engine crawlers ( search bots) which is considered important SEO aspect, but also from the visitors point of view. Visitors will get latest information they are searching for and this will help them decide faster on buying the product /service.
A well maintained website with latest news / submissions or article updates is a really sincere job and to be taken very seriously as it can create a good image in the user's behavior about company understanding.


 Is there any benefit of updating the website frequently? or Why to maintain a website?

We at newfunda.com provide special attention to your website maintenance and update requirements keeping it in pace with the technological advancements and the purpose for which it is created.
1. We continuously monitor the website accessibility 24 hours a day so that it will be available every time a user visits your site.
2. We ensure the available information is current and useful as per requirements. 
3. We do check the proper navigation and working of forms if available.
4. We check for any mistakes / un-intentional object or content display including spell checks.
5. We add/modify/optimize the content to be more useful to online visitors and search engines.

For All of the Above Problems/ Querries / Questions The answer is Quality Website Maintenace Solutions from us. 


Contact Us for Specific Website Maintain requirements. 

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